Handcrafted big numbers shoes

Calzaturificio Artigianale “Worland”® by Petroselli Armando 

since 1953

produces quality shoes for men and women.

We have deep roots that are our strength and we are committed to offer our customers a unique product of its kind.

Currently the brand "Worland"® has a great affirmation in the market.

The goal of our company is to give people with their feet "outsized" the chance of a pair of shoes for all occasions and be stylish as everyone.

We specialize in the production of LARGE SIZE SHOES,
Calibrated Woman Boots, Orthopedic Shoes and all kinds of Customized Footwear.

We specialize in CUSTOM SHOES

We offer our customers the opportunity to choose the model from exposure or from the catalog 

and book the individual design by changing the color or the type of leather.


History Of '900

The year was 1953 when Andreino, a young eighteen year old from Monte San Giusto, in the booming economy, leaves his job as an employee in one of the biggest factories of the Marche region, in order to follow his dream of their own business. Gets married and with the support and the invaluable help of his wife Rosalba, begins with what was his first job: assembly in those days was performed entirely by hand. Then came the machinery and that was also a success, with one of the first famous "Molina And Bianchi" sold in Italy. But the passion and the desire for affirmation was so much that in 1968 he began to design and complete production of lady's shoes with its own brand, the "Under 18" was born. Andreino deals with the design and production while Rosalba is employed to the finish and attention to detail. In the following years many models will pass through their hands: Men's Shoes, Women Boots, Sandals Mules up to the big numbers in the eighties. Andreino was also one of the first manufacturers to efffettuare the direct selling in factory, with the slogan "from farm to fork". He always put the focus of the workshop is open to customers from all over the country before and after Italy, were going to buy from the factory to their shoes made to measure. It has always sought the lines refined, fine leather used and worked with the best craftsmen, but especially loved this craft more than his own life. And he served with total passion and devotion and those who knew him certainly does not forget the determination he showed in work, honesty, his dialogue often interminable but rich in experience, his professionalism, sense of duty and also of 'humor and many other features that made it unique and unrepeatable! Rosalba has always followed silently in her daring choices and totally radical and devoted herself completely to the family and at work. It is said that behind every great man there is always a great woman and she was undoubtedly the greatest luck of Andreino, as he has been for you.

These are Our Parents.

The tradition continues ...

Grew up in the midst of forms, uppers, raspini and mastic today's son Armando, after various experiences also in other sectors, gathers professional legacy left to him by his parents.


Calzaturificio "Worland" di Petroselli Armando

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